Evacuator services in Lviv.

Transportation equipment up to 17 tons

Services manipulator in Lviv. "Evacuator Lviv" - the main thing is experience and confidence.

  • cars, cars with low clearance, jeeps, busiv;
  • buses "Bogdan" and "Etalon", freight cars through 17t;
  • Motorcycle, ATV, boats;
  • car after an accident with any difficulty loading, stretching from the cuvette;
  • car with locked wheels, defective steering, air suspension, with damaged spherical support, rychahamy, beams, etc.;
  • car with the door closed and locked the ignition lock (if any car documents);
  • 2, 3-car;
  • special equipment (rollers, forklifts, tractors, etc.);
  • 3-wheeled vehicles, vehicles with wide wheel base of 0.5 to 2, 5m
  • pavilions, booths, kiosks;
  • materials (valves, overall metal, drywall, etc.);
  • transportation of bulky goods;
  • any load on the open platform of 6m * 2.4 m to 6 m, 5.4 m * 2.2 m to 3.5 m 7,8 m * 2,6 m to 17 m + trailer platform 8m * 2.2 m to 3t;
  • towing hard coupling with air supply.
      • loading (unloading) of cars in freight car (truck);
      • emergency opening car locks;
      • rent a trailer-lavety 5m or 8m (is a mechanical winch, 4 belt, tsyvilka, green card);
      • assistance in choosing service centers;
      • order tow truck on your preferred date in the desired hour;
      • start-up from start-charger;
      • replacement wheels.
Знижки, акції, промокоди, дешево, халява, шара, китайські бренди, товари з китаю, товари з закордону, купівля через інтернет.