Our vehicle pool - quality equipment to provide evacuation and transportation vehicles.


Vantazhopidyemnist car 17 tons
Vehicle dimensions 2.6*11 m
Height of vehicle 3.5 m
Dimensions platforms 2.6*7.8 m
Platform height from the ground 1.1 m
Vantazhopidyemnist arrows 2-4.5 tons
Overhang 8 m

The car is equipped with ladders to load cars and machinery of any width wheel base, winch with a pulling force of 18 tons Frame + straps + wheel clamp to load manipulator vehicles weighing up to 3 tons and is equipped with lots of rigging for any difficulty of loading/unloading crane (spiders, extension cords, steel straps of different lengths and load capacity, rag lines and extensions for handling gas concrete, pools, etc.), coupling straps (item 12) and chains to secure the load.


  • equipment up to 17 tons (rollers, forklifts, tractors, s / g technology, etc.);
  • trucks, buses;
  • pavilions, booths, containers and pools (Retrieve / offloading crane);
  • outsize cargo (platform height 1.1 m);
  • materials.


Vantazhopidyemnist car 6 ton
Vehicle dimensions 2.4*7.5 m
dimensions platforms 2.4*6 m

Volkswagen LT

Vantazhopidyemnist car 3 ton
Vehicle dimensions 2.2*7.5 m
Dimensions platforms 2.2*5.4 m

Easy to transport new and expensive cars (car not fixed on the platform of the disc (damaged alloy wheels), and the wheels (rubber) - this method is used for transporting new cars auto transporter).

Prichіp laveta

Vantazhopidyemnist Trailer 2.5 tons
Dimensions Trailer 2.2*5 m

The lease (a mechanical winch, 4 tie straps, green card, tsyvilka).

Знижки, акції, промокоди, дешево, халява, шара, китайські бренди, товари з китаю, товари з закордону, купівля через інтернет.