Evacuator services in Lviv. «Evacuator Lviv»- the main thing is the experience and confidence.

The life of every person full of surprises and unexpected situations. Well, when a pleasant surprise, but a sudden car breakdown somewhere in the road can lead to a serious problem which can not cope alone. Company «Evacuator Lviv» help you feel confident, as if away from home you are not caught.

Service evacuation of «Evacuator Lviv» successfully works in Lviv and Ukraine since 2005. At your service trucks carrying up to 17 tons, designed for transportation of defective cars and new cars for transportation.

Our drivers are experienced loading and transportation of cars, cars with low clearance, transportation, 2, 3 cars, jeeps, busiv, engines, buses «Bogdan» and «Etalon», pavilions, booths, special equipment (rollers, trucks , a tractor), oversized cargo to 17 tons, transportation car after an accident with any difficulty loading (the car with locked wheels, defective steering, with damaged spherical support, rychahamy, beams, etc.).

If you got in accident, you have a broken car or you need to transport a car over long distances - please contact «Evacuator Lviv»and we always help you.

We work around the clock seven days a week, so the dispatcher always answer your call and you can expect that our tow truck will come to you for help.

Our clients include insurance companies in Lviv, showrooms, technical centers, construction companies, legal entities that have their fleet in Lviv, as well as individuals.

«Evacuator Lviv» - guaranteed assistance in a difficult moment for you.

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